• Inspiring sustainable business

  • Restoring natural processes

  • Creating pro-environmental behaviours

  • Reconnecting people with nature

Working with Nature

Nature-based solutions
We make nature's values visible through strategic approaches on wetland & river restoration, community engagement or conservation planning.

Communicating Nature

Changing values & attitudes
We offer strategic communication solutions for creating pro-environmental behaviours and acquiring supporters and donors for your environmental causes.

The Nature of Business

Sustainable companies
From strategy development to sustainability reporting services, we cover strategic aspects related to the sustainability of your company.

It's what you can't see that matters most!

In order to preserve our natural capital, we believe that one key aspect is to understand and protect the invisible systems and processes that contribute to the balance of our ecosystems and provide us with multiple services and benefits.

When it comes to making consumers, people in the communities or employees care about nature and protect the environment, what matters most are the invisible elements of our culture, such as beliefs, attitudes and values. We need to be able to understand these elements and work with them, in order to create social change and pro-environmental behaviors.

‘It’s what you can’t see that matters most’ principle applies also to the business sector. Often, the economic, environmental and social impacts are invisible to companies, as they occur somewhere along their complex supply chains or in overlooked areas of the business. Dependencies on the natural capital and ecosystem services are also not always visible to businesses.


What makes us special is a 360 degrees understanding of nature and sustainability.

We offer businesses, NGOs and public institutions a rare combination of consulting expertise, ranging from ecological science and nature conservation know-how to corporate sustainability and communication expertise.

about us

Our common passion for nature and sustainability made us combine our individual expertise and set up Invisible Nature.

We are passionate about nature and we want to inspire people to reconnect with the natural world through meaningful experiences. We believe that only by direct contact with nature will we get to know our environment and realize that it is worth preserving.

We also want to use our expertise for a greater purpose and help NGOs, companies and public institutions achieve those changes needed for a sustainable future.