Community consultation & engagement

© Cristian Mititelu

© Cristian Mititelu

Many nature conservation projects are based on a unilateral approach, as they advance ideas and solutions that mainly represent the vision of the organizations or institutions that propose and implement the projects. On the ground, the issues perceived by conservationists and the promoted solutions are not seen in the same way by the beneficiary communities and, often, projects fail due to the lack of cooperation from local stakeholders.

Communities are made of people with diverse values, attitudes, needs, interests and also with different perceptions on environmental problems and their potential solutions. That is why we propose a participatory approach to nature conservation projects that is based on opening a dialogue with the local stakeholders in order to identify their interests and to reach a common understanding on the issues that need to be addressed.

Through our solutions we help you engage with all relevant local stakeholders and gain the insights and information that you need in order to decide what are the most relevant topics or issues that should be included in the nature conservation projects that have local communities as a main stakeholder.

We offer:

  • Community consultation and facilitation for nature conservation projects through surveys, workshops, focus groups etc.
  • Action plan based on community consultation results
  • Stakeholder mapping and “table of interests” analysis
  • Community engagement & communication plan
  • Multi-sector partnership facilitation