River & wetland restoration design

 © Depositphotos.com/[xalanx]

© Depositphotos.com/[xalanx]

We work with the private and non-profit sector, environmental authorities and local communities to develop and implement projects related to the ecological restoration of rivers and wetlands.

River and wetland restoration is a natural water retention measure necessary to reduce flood risks and achieve good ecological status of water bodies.

Our particular expertise in wetland and river restoration is drawn from hands-on experience and lessons learned, but is also based on a number of different disciplines, including hydrology, geomorphology, ecology and engineering.

By integrating hydrotechnical and nature-based principles into restoration projects we provide practical restoration solutions. Our solutions focus not only on simply restoring river stretches and wetland areas, but also on making visible the ecological, social and economic benefits of each project.

We offer:

  • River and wetland restoration training and support
  • Historical assessment of rivers, streams and wetlands
  • River and wetland delineation and characterization
  • Functional assessment of rivers and wetlands
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modeling
  • Geomorphic and habitat characterization of rivers & wetlands
  • Option appraisal and selection of project restoration site
  • Catchment and fluvial analysis
  • Technical design studies for river and wetland restoration
  • Delineation of flood prone areas
  • Consultancy for restoration works
  • River and wetland monitoring
  • Cost-benefit analysis and ecosystem services evaluation of restoration sites