Sustainability services for HR

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HR practices play a central role in helping businesses increase their sustainability performance. By embedding sustainability into core HR processes, companies can acquire employee buy-in and management support, and create organisational cultures that support the development of sustainable business practices.

Employee buy-in is an important driver for creating sustainable companies. Therefore, it’s essential that companies invest time and resources for educating their employees on key sustainable development issues and engage them in sustainability initiatives.

Reconnecting employees with nature is another key aspect when it comes to creating a sustainable organizational culture and an environmentally responsible company. By creating eco-friendly workplaces or involving employees in nature programs, companies can increase the environmental awareness of their staff, reduce the risks associated with the nature deficiency disorder among employees and create the values that are needed for advancing sustainability.

We offer:

  • Employee surveys
  • Employee engagement for sustainability
  • Sustainability trainings
  • Sustainability leadership programmes
  • Green Office
  • The (Re)Connect with Nature programme