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#Stakeholder Engagement #Water management

As part of the JOINTISZA, a transboundary initiative that aims to strengthen transnational water management and flood risk prevention, we work with the Romanian partners of the project (National Administration "Romanian Waters", Ministry of Water and Forest and National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management) to help them put in place and implement a stakeholder engagement process that is based on an effective stakeholder analysis and prioritization of key stakeholders. We will also support the Romanian institutions in identifying and implementing the best methods for engaging the stakeholders and collecting suggestions and comments regarding transboundary water issues in the Tisza Basin and proposed measures. 



#Corporate Sustainability #Employee Survey

Because we believe that corporate sustainability initiatives can not succeed without involving employees, the most important resource that a business has, based on our expertise, extensive review of specialised literature and best practices in the field of sustainable development we have developed a comprehensive survey that helps companies find out how their employees perceive the sustainability performance of the organisation and how they would improve it, what is their attitude towards sustainability at work and in their personal life or what motivates them to get involved.

In 2016, we have implemented the employee survey at Romstal.

CLIENTS: Romstal                                                           


#Environmental Communication #Communication Strategy

We helped the environmental NGO ACDB become a visible organisation in Romania and increase its conservation impact by designing its first organisational communications strategy and by facilitating the process of rebranding. Since 2014, Invisible Nature has also offered ongoing advice regarding the implementation of strategic communications actions.

In 2016, we also developed the communications strategy for the Natura 2000 Coalition, in an effort to improve the communication of the Coalition with its members and stakeholders, improve the image of the organisation and strengthen its position as a collective actor in the field of natural protected areas conservation in Romania.
CLIENTS: ACDB, The Natura 2000 Coalition


#Training #Water Management

Invisible Nature developed and delivered several trainings on water management and the sustainable use of water resources aimed at environmental NGOs and authorities. For example, we were involved in developing and delivering the training ,,Strategic planning for the sustainable use of water resources", an activity that was part of the project  ,,EME Natura 2000 (Efficient Managers for Efficient Natura 2000 Network)".

CLIENTS: ProPark, Milvus GroupACCENT GeoEcological




#Corporate Sustainability #Sustainable HR #Research

Invisible Nature is committed to invest time and resources in educating the Romanian corporate sector regarding what it means to have a strategic approach to sustainable development, to integrate sustainability into the core business and create organisational cultures that support the development of sustainable enterprises. That is why, for example, in 2015 Invisible Nature launched the research ,,The Role of HR in building a sustainable company", the first study in Romania that analyses the role of HR practices in advancing sustainability.




#River & Wetland Restoration Design #Conservation Planning 

Since 2015 we have been working with WWF Romania on several projects related to wetland restoration. We offered technical assistance and consultancy for reconnecting the Garla Mare marshland to the Danube's natural flooding regime. We offered technical advice for the restoration of 925 hectares in the Danube Delta as part of the Reco Mahmudia project and we developed the management plan for the new restored wetland.

Invisible Nature has also developed a wetland restoration prioritisation tool based on a multi-criteria decision analysis to identify suitable floodplain restoration sites along the Danube river for new WWF projects.           CLIENTS: WWF


#Stakeholder engagement

In 2016 we helped the Natura2000 Coalition engage with its internal and external stakeholders and find out how they perceive the activity of the Coalition, its impact, communication etc. The stakeholder engagement process was also aimed at collecting ideas on how the organisation can increase its strategic approach and impact in the field of nature conservation.

The stakeholder engagement process that we implemented consisted of the following steps: identifying the relevant topics and issues; developing surveys for the internal and external stakeholders, implementing the surveys, analysing and interpreting the data and delivering the final report and recommendations to the organisation. 
CLIENTS: Natura2000 Coalition             

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#Stakeholder Engagement #Facilitation #Conservation Planning

Opportunities to protect large undisturbed natural areas and intact landscapes still exist in the Southern Carpathians and WWF Romania is determined to establish Europe’s premier wilderness area. We helped build strategic conservation objectives and concrete actions required for such an ambitious initiative. Following a review of the initial strategic documents we found that understanding the existing context and the challenges of stakeholders is key for the success of the initiative. Finally, we identified and proposed a new approach for wilderness areas designation that is based on collective influence, systemic impact and collaboration for action. We were also involved in facilitating the meetings in which the action plan for wilderness areas was presented to local stakeholders. CLIENTS: WWF Romania